After an infographic has been  approved,the next step is to make sure the colors, image resolution and size are correct for the format the work will be published in. I like to export my infographics as pdfs to catch any weird transparency or color behavior. Just be careful to safe those as copies if you are using Adobe Illustrator as saving over your AI file by accident can ruin your day.

If you will be outputting to multiple formats such as print and web, it is a good idea to create separate folders for the print and web versions. I also like to add “print” or “web” to the name of the infographic along with the dimensions to make it easy to search for and identify later.

Print Prepress Checklist

  • If your infographic will be printed, now is the time to save a copy of the raw infographic file for print
  • If necessary convert it from RGB to CMYK color mode. (Check with your printer vendor)
  • Verify the color values are correct and used consistently throughout the infographic.
  • Verify margins, spacing and alignment
  • Make sure any bleeds or other printer’s marks are in place
  • If you will need to outline fonts, make sure nothing strange happens (some sans serif typefaces have letters that look odd when outlined and saved)
  • Make sure you have the proper font licensing in place if necessary
  • View the infographic in Overprint Preview mode if you are using Adobe Illustrator
  • Save the infographic as a PDF using the preset PDF/X-4:2008 ( standard PDF/X-4:2010) or your printer’s preferred preset
  • Run the infographic in pdf format through Adobe Acrobat’s preflight feature to catch any issues
  • Package up the infographic so the assets, fonts, and print files are available to share with a printer or colleague.

No matter what software you are using, the basics of prepress remain the same. Take your time and grab a friend to help you check the piece over for any issues. If you are using a print house, they usually have a dedicated person who will create a proof and can advise you on sizing, bleeds and presets.


Color matching


A/B Testing


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