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Colorful bunting bird #100daysofdigitalsketch

100 days colorful bunting bird

Today for #100daysofdigitalsketch I drew a bunting bird. This is a regional bird often seen in North Carolina and Georgia. It is a vibrant bird and a lot of fun to draw. I used a combination of the taper, basic blunt and chisel brushes. I used different opacities and brush […]

100 days of digital sketch day 2

100 days fire sketch

It’s day two of my¬†100 days of digital sketch project. Today I sketched a fire using default tools in Adobe Draw. If you want a detailed breakdown of what I did, I have a description below the image.   I used square shape for large areas of background since currently […]

100 days sketch #1

100 days seltzer bottle sketch

Created using the Adobe Draw app on my iPad for the 100 days project. I used mostly brushes 2 and 4 that come default with the app. You can follow my progress on Instagram.     I wish the brush size controls were a bit easier to use. They do […]