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Be nicer, be better, or be on time – pick two

There is a lot of pressure designers and other service professionals place on themselves to be the best. This can be a good thing when it motivates and empowers us to reach goals. It can be negative by leading to indecision, creative block, and apathy. David Airey, a legend in […]

Hot Color Trends for Fall 2012

Pantone ( forcasts color trends for every season about one to two seasons ahead (and even further ahead for high fashion).  Some of these colors take a few seasons or a year or more to fall out of favor, like Tangerine Tango, the color of the year.  Turquoise, the color […]

Google Analytics retires old version tomorrow

Google announced today they are retiring the “old” version of Google Analytics tomorrow.  Hopefully this past year if you are using Google Analytics you have had a chance to try the newer features out.  If you haven’t it is not too late to visit their help center to prepare. There […]


What can movie posters teach us about design?

The design of a movie poster quickly and visually gives viewers cues on the genre and experience they will have if they watch the movie.  Movie poster styles and designs are deliberately cannibalized (and parodied by humorous films) leading to an almost rigid visual style for certain genres of films.  […]

3 Ways to Save on Design Projects

Many companies and small businesses are taking a closer look at ways to save money in all areas. Design projects, whether they are web banner ads or a print ad, all take time, money, and people to create. Companies that can smartly make the most of design will stand out […]


Decoding Color Made Easy

Color is a very important part of design. Most people have a subconscious, emotional response to color. In the United States, a green rectangle will immediately cause most people to think of money. It can quickly become very complicated to talk about color, but just to begin with, here are […]

Quick Design Tip: Proximity

Proximity – what is it and how does it affect the look and flow of your creative projects? Proximity means “How close things are together”. It implies the relationship of objects to each other, whether they are a headline and paragraph text or an image and a text block. Your […]

Sunrise over the Grand Canyon North Rim

Does mood affect color choice?

I find I can track my mood by the colors I choose to add in a piece.  While I can make a deliberate choice to use a specific palette, how I am feeling and what I am going through at the time can dictate whether I push the colors darker […]