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create anywhere you are. How to put together a portable kit to take anywhere

Create Anywhere You Are

Have you ever gone somewhere and then realized you had nothing with you to draw or paint? Never be without creative supplies again with today’s tips. I’m going to share with you how to be ready to create wherever you are by putting together an artist go bag. I was […]


100 Days In Review

I spent 100 days this spring drawing every day and posting it to instagram. Some were awful, most of them were OK, and a few were awesome. A lot of people I talked to during the project kept telling me they thought the hard part was doing something every day. […]

packing for creative south

Packing for Creative South

This is my second year attending Creative South, an amazing tiny con for creatives based in Columbus, GA. Last year I had not idea what to expect and since I was packing now I figured it’s a great time to share some packing tips!

sample chart using data

Data Visualization Basics

I recently spoke to a class of computer science students studying big data at Georgia State University. They were just diving into data visualization and many of them had no previous training in data visualization best practices or concepts. We covered not only what data visualization is and good and bad […]


Choosing a Chart Tool for Interactive Infographics and Mobile Sites

Being able to dynamically present charts that change or animate as they appear grab attention and give life to regular reports. There are many charting libraries and solutions out there. What you use depends on performance considerations for your page or site, technical requirements, and what behaviors and other animations […]

Doodles of processes and comparisons

Creating Infographics Without Statistics

You’ve been handed a document containing multiple pages of content but no statistics. How can you make an infographic without stats?  Great infographics don’t always include statistics. Today we’ll look at several options for creating infographics without statistics.

tools for awesome infographics

Getting Started: Tools You Can Use to Create Infographics

Really powerful infographics don’t start with expensive software or a computer. They start with an idea. With a well thought out story, you could create a great infographic using just pen and paper or spices in your cabinet, photograph the results, and post them on social media. Most people still use […]

Woman posting at Apache Cafe in Atlanta, GA

100 days Woman from Apache Cafe

There is a venue in Atlanta called Apache Cafe where on Monday nights there are live models to draw or photograph. This sketch I made using Adobe Sketch and my fingers on an iPad Pro was based off a photo I took there. Adobe Sketch has some interesting effects when […]