There are tutorials that show step by step how to make an infographic. Just like with many skills like drawing, showing someone the detailed steps of putting an infographic together is not the same as actually teaching them the decision making process that leads to awesome infographics. Awesome infographics are a combination of trial and error, research, experience and thought. Some social media sites put out nice templates and promise that anyone can quickly build an infographic with the right tools. The tough part of building an infographic is not the graphics and layout, it’s getting the right content and setting it up in the correct formats. This decision making process is what takes the longest.

If you already have statistics and charts and the right messaging, an infographic can be built pretty quickly. This still requires that the research and graphics you have tell the story you need to tell.
Awesome infographics aren’t just a bunch of facts and statistics thrown on a page. They create an experience that educates, entertains and visually compels a reader to take action. This is the ultimate goal when creating an infographic. Creating a memorable experience people want to share with their peers and friends. Not just any infographic but an AWESOME infographic. It takes more thought, more time, and careful crafting but the final value to both the client/host and the reader is so much more. 

I feel so passionately about this I’ve been working on a series of ebooks and tutorials to teach others what I know. I’ve released an infographic eBook called Create Awesome Infographics that goes over my creative process, the reality of working on projects like this with teams and it’s full of tips, checklists and advice based on my own experiences creating infographics.

You can buy the book or visit the resources page to sample some of the research data I used in the book and read free tutorials and tips.

So don’t just make an infographic, make an AWESOME infographic.

Thank you all!