Sunset at Grand Canyon National Park North RimGoogle announced today they are retiring the “old” version of Google Analytics tomorrow.  Hopefully this past year if you are using Google Analytics you have had a chance to try the newer features out.  If you haven’t it is not too late to visit their help center to prepare.

There are a lot of great features in the latest version of Google Analytics including:

Multichannel Funnels – This helps you measure things like the effectiveness of white paper download processes and webinar sign-ups

Social Reports – Just what it sounds like, this gives you a way in Google Analytics to evaluate what is happening in your social media environment against your business metrics.

Mobile Reports – Many more people use smart phones to visit web sites.  It used to be you had to dig through visitor and browser reports but now there is a special section just for mobile, so you can evaluate where visitors are struggling and what you can do to streamline the experience for them.

Content Experiments – This feature used to be a separate tool called Web Optimizer but it has (thankfully!) been integrated into Google Analytics. It is website testing simplified so you can explore the impact of tagging, content, and more.

You can read the full announcement on the Google Analytics blog here: