Google released a design spec a while back for “material design.” The focus is on designing for mobile or web apps. It covers the overall thought process behind material design, color theory, creative approach, and more. It is a brand guide for app design. I found the section on color theory very interesting. Color choices are deliberate and purposeful, helping the user grasp meaning, find a focal point quickly, and understand hierarchy.

Choosing a palette

Google has several suggestions for picking the right color palette for an app. The 500 range (medium to dark solids) of colors and their tints are recommended as primary colors. By limiting the palette to three primary colors and one accent color from the secondary palette, you can use more daring colors and keep a coordinated look throughout your design.

Additional information on colors for text and the status bar guide designers and developers to make design choices that enhance the UI of the app and give guidance to users without being too distracting.

Exploring the guide further for design aesthetics

The guide is a good overview of how to use well thought out design principles for apps and websites. It is a good primer on color theory for the web and other interfaces, with helpful do and don’t illustrations throughout.