This is a quick (1:27 minutes!) tip on how to change a single color in a pie chart or other grouped object in Illustrator the easy way.  Read on for the transcript or to watch the video. I hope you find it a useful tool in your projects!

There are many times when I am working with charts or other grouped objects and I need to change one color quickly. I don’t have time to dig around in the color guide or advanced tools, I’m looking for a quick fix.



First select the part of the object or group you want to color change with the direct selection tool (shortcut: “A” key).

Then click “Select, Same…Fill color” to select all the objects that have the same current fill color. (Note: this will select ALL objects including text using the same fill color, so lock down any you don’t want altered)

Next, click the fill color drop down and choose the color you want to use. Bam! Color changed. Click anywhere on the art board to deselect the object(s).

I hope you enjoyed this quick tip. What other design tips are you looking for?