Color Secrets: Brightness

Color Secrets: Brightness

There has been a trend lately in app design where white or very light backgrounds are paired with minimal use of color and flat, simplified shapes. Why this shift when sites had been trending darker and darker? Is it the Star Wars reboot? A renewed interest in futurism? Or are we just all […]

tools for awesome infographics

Getting Started: Tools You Can Use to Create Infographics

Really powerful infographics don’t start with expensive software or a computer. They start with an idea. With a well thought out story, you could create a great infographic using just pen and paper or spices in your cabinet, photograph the results, and post them on social media. Most people still use […]

10 step infographic process

My 10 Step Process for Creating Awesome Infographics

I use a ten step process for creating infographics. While this may sound involved, it helps make sure nothing is overlooked. These steps have evolved over time as I have gained experience doing these types of projects. I have found that they both increase efficiency and provide a framework for problem solving and creativity.

How to Make an Awesome Infographic

There are tutorials that show step by step how to make an infographic. Just like with many skills like drawing, showing someone the detailed steps of putting an infographic together is not the same as actually teaching them the decision making process that leads to awesome infographics. Awesome infographics are a […]