Color secrets: Vibrancy

Color Secrets: Vibrancy

Vibrancy is about how intense a color is, how strong the color appears to be. It is not just how bright or colorful it is, instead it is more about how pure and vivid the color is. Artists who use physical paints often use this term to describe how well […]

Color Secrets: Brightness

Color Secrets: Brightness

There has been a trend lately in app design where white or very light backgrounds are paired with minimal use of color and flat, simplified shapes. Why this shift when sites had been trending darker and darker? Is it the Star Wars reboot? A renewed interest in futurism? Or are we just all […]

five quick color tips

Five Quick Color Tips For Your Next Project

Many developers and designers I talk to are very frustrated when it comes time to pick colors for a project. It can be hard to choose the right color or set of colors for a project. I want to share with your five quick tips for using color in your […]

100 days sketch #1

100 days seltzer bottle sketch

Created using the Adobe Draw app on my iPad for the 100 days project. I used mostly brushes 2 and 4 that come default with the app. You can follow my progress on Instagram.     I wish the brush size controls were a bit easier to use. They do […]

Color palettes using simple and complex colors

Five Tips for Creating Better Color Palettes for the Web

I’ve put together five tips for creating better color palettes based on a recent talk I gave to computer science students. Faced with working on their first mobile apps or sites, they had never really been given advice on choosing color palettes. I realized this is one of those gaps […]

eight common colors with different meanings

What Does That Color Mean?

It can be hard sometimes to choose the right color or set of colors for a project. Learning what different colors may mean to your audience and matching the right ones to the goals of your project takes research and careful thought. Different shades, tones and tints of the same […]

case study sketch

Sketch to Finished Graphics in a Day

I had a problem a lot of designers face. I spend so much time designing other people’s web sites and assorted miscellany that things like the design of my own site tend to fall to the wayside. I had a long weekend ahead of me and a fire in my […]

Easy Color Tip Illustrator Video

Changing A Single Chart Color the Easy Way in Illustrator

This is a quick (1:27 minutes!) tip on how to change a single color in a pie chart or other grouped object in Illustrator the easy way.  Read on for the transcript or to watch the video. I hope you find it a useful tool in your projects!