Lee Suzanne Jordan

Currently lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia

me with molly headshot

lee@leesjordanstudio.com | www.leesjordanstudio.com

Currently I’m working on a series of paintings inspired by dogs I have a personal connection with. These are mixed media portraits using watercolor, charcoal, acrylics, ink and chalk pastels on paper and canvas. I love the expressive qualities of layering these different types of media together to create unique and unexpected effects. I work in a loose and vibrant style to try and capture the emotional qualities and personality of my subjects.

I’m an artist based in the Atlanta, Georgia area between the mountains and the city. (I grew up in Florida so they are mountains to me). I enjoy giving back to my local community by mentoring college students on color theory and creative thinking.

For the past twelve years I’ve worked in the tech industry as a web and graphic designer but I’ve never stopped creating. I keep post-it notes in my purse and an artist go bag in my trunk to create on the go.

That’s my dog Molly there in the photo with me. She is the sweetest, cuddliest dog I have ever met. My husband and I were lucky enough to adopt her several years ago. True story: We decided to add a dog to our family of four and on our first outing to the local humane society, we met Molly and I fell in love. We have been best pals ever since. She naps on my legs if I stretch out on the couch. If I go to another room to do something she is waiting outside the door. She and our most recent rescue Shelby are my local dogtourage, following me wherever I go.

Here is one of my recent works featuring Molly:

portrait of molly the dog

Enjoy my work? I have downloadable prints available for sale  I want to add physical art prints soon and am currently researching printers. Some of my work is also available for licensing. Please fill out the contact form below in you want to inquire about that. I’m currently available for commissions.

Traveling and exploring nature is a great source of inspiration for me. I’ve lived in the southeastern United States my whole life, but I’ve been lucky enough to travel to Europe and several different canyons and national monuments here in the states. I recently traveled out west with the family to see the area around Yellowstone National Park and the Tetons. What I enjoy most about traveling is seeing life from a different perspective.

If you are curious about my work or have questions about painting or drawing I’d love to hear from you.