Many companies and small businesses are taking a closer look at ways to save money in all areas. Design projects, whether they are web banner ads or a print ad, all take time, money, and people to create. Companies that can smartly make the most of design will stand out from competitors who cut design projects out of their budgets entirely.

So how can you save some green? Consider these tips:

1. Focus your efforts on where your customers are. If the best way to reach your customers is through webinars or email, it makes sense to spend your limited budget on creating the best visuals and supporting documents for those mediums.

2. Talk to your printer or design resource. These people are professionals in their industry and are aware of ways to cut costs on your existing projects and explore alternative ways to reach your customers.

3. Stop spending and see what happens. Crazy, right? Why should a designer tell you not to spend money? Think of it this way – it is better to take a little time and verify the impact of design projects and ad campaigns and then realign efforts where they can be most effective than continue to spend money just because that’s the way it has always been done.