It’s day two of my 100 days of digital sketch project. Today I sketched a fire using default tools in Adobe Draw. If you want a detailed breakdown of what I did, I have a description below the image.

100 days of digital sketch day 2


I used square shape for large areas of background since currently there is no all over background color tool. I picked the basic flat brush and made it as large as I could, 60px, and chose the dark orange color. I made broad shallow curves to define the two logs on a new layer. I chose a lighter orange and laid down a few curvy triangular marks for key flames. I then picked the taper brush to define points and add more character. I alternated colors and opacity while building out the flames. I mixed in flatter blobs of hot ashy wood in white and blue and orange. I dug into the background layer with more color and lines. I cut away some of the two layers with the eraser tool. This sketch involved a lot of building and subtracting.