Hi I'm Lee

I create artwork that captures the personality of your best friend with paws using expressive color and line work. I specialize in using mixed media to create unique portraits that are full of excitement and attitude. I’m an artist based in the Atlanta, Georgia area between the mountains and the city. (I grew up in Florida so they are mountains to me). I enjoy giving back to my local community by mentoring college students on color theory and creative thinking.

Expressive Dog Portraits

I'll capture the personality of your best friend with lively mixed media techniques.

Lasting Memories

I use archival materials on acid free paper and canvas.

Easy To Work With

I genuinely love animals and have been a professional creative with a track record for delivering great work on time.


I'll get to know you and your pet to create the most unique artwork.

Unique Artwork

The work I do is original and just for you.


Artwork as unique as your pet

A Lasting Memory of Your Best Friend

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Pencil sketch of Paca the dog

Work in Progress – Paca

I’m currently working on a portrait of Paca, a sweet and playful rescue. Paca is a mixed breed dog with big ears and a soulful expression. She is very curious and loves to explore.  

Jack is a high energy terrier. This is a watercolor portrait of him.

High Energy Jack

Jack is a Jack Russell terrier rescue. He was found wandering the road in a rural part of Florida. He is now happy in his forever home, where he amazes his family with his antics. He loves to jump onto counters and spring from couch to couch. He thinks he […]

Original portrait of Molly the dog in watercolor and blue chalk pastel

Blue Molly

Blue Molly is a portrait of my rescue dog Molly. We aren’t sure exactly what breed she is, but it looks like she may be part Carolina Water Dog. She has a “soft mouth” meaning she prefers to play with things that are not hard like rope toys. Most retrievers […]

Color secrets: Vibrancy

Color Secrets: Vibrancy

Vibrancy is about how intense a color is, how strong the color appears to be. It is not just how bright or colorful it is, instead it is more about how pure and vivid the color is. Artists who use physical paints often use this term to describe how well […]

Color Secrets: Brightness

Color Secrets: Brightness

There has been a trend lately in app design where white or very light backgrounds are paired with minimal use of color and flat, simplified shapes. Why this shift when sites had been trending darker and darker? Is it the Star Wars reboot? A renewed interest in futurism? Or are we just all […]

five quick color tips

Five Quick Color Tips For Your Next Project

Many developers and designers I talk to are very frustrated when it comes time to pick colors for a project. It can be hard to choose the right color or set of colors for a project. I want to share with your five quick tips for using color in your […]

How to find your artistic style

How to Find Your Artistic Style

Your world view and how you express it is your style. We edit out so many things subconsciously and make choices on what to and what not to create. What do you choose to create when you can choose? What moves you?   All artists secretly long for an artistic […]

get better at drawing faster with warmups

Draw Better Faster with Pencil Warmups

Are you frustrated by your skill level? Feel like you’ve hit a wall? Do you feel dissatisfied with what you draw?  Do you want to learn how to do better gradients or other techniques? Warming up with pencil drills can help you! Warm ups with pencils can help you: Become more […]